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Why holidays are important for all children

All children need a break from their daily routine

Adults have a legal right to holidays, but not children. If kindergartens and schools close for holi-day breaks, it does not mean that every child will really have a holiday. There is no right to holi-days so that girls and boys can go away, have a rest and – just as importantly – develop as people. During the holidays they learn differently about other things with new friends. It is quite simply good fun and stimulating and, especially when the children spend lots of time outside, healthy too!

Holidays are not just wonderful breaks from long school hours and tricky tests, fights in the play-ground and a tightly scheduled daily routine. As they take part in a wide range of activities in their free days and weeks, children discover new skills and make new friendships. This way they give their heads a good airing, unwind, “switch off” their daily routine and learn lots of new things. This does wonders for their self-consciousness and boosts their social skills.

Making sure holiday plans do not fall through

Making sure holiday plans do not fall through

For children in families with very low budgets, holidays often do not materialize. They are just by-standers as their friends and school buddies travel here and there. Not being able to go away too is difficult. These children know what it means to have to go without. On their first days back at school after the holidays, they withdraw into themselves when buddies report back on their experiences to avoid having to say that they stayed at home. We are here so that they can also brag about their holidays.