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Our concerns

Why people need the Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid

Holidays for everyone: for over eighty years now this target has been the basis of our social com-mitment. Over this period of time, enormous changes have taken place but our aspiration remains the same: holiday dreams should come true for everyone, for needy families with children as well as for children and young people with a disability and that is what we are here for.
benachteiligte Kinder

So that all children can grow up happily

Every fourth child and every fourth young person in Switzerland grows up in difficult socioeconomic conditions. They cannot afford club membership, admission to the pool, contribution to the school camp or presents for friends’ birthdays – holidays do not bear thinking about. Thanks to Reka Holiday Aid they get an opportunity to relax and enjoy a carefree break.
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How precarious living conditions arise

There are many reasons why a family can find itself in difficult circumstances: the loss of a job, a separation, termination of a lease, sickness or an accident. Often there is no single reason, but a combination of several events. Limited economic resources are always part of the problem. Frequently these people can still manage to deal with everyday life alone but the situation is a burden on everyone.
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Praekere Lebensverhaeltnisse
In the camp the children flourish. It’s very moving for us to see how much they love playing with each other.
Regula Buehler
Managing Director ads
Kinder in Armut

What living in poverty means

A family is under constant strain if there is only enough money to cover basic necessities. This situation is a particular burden for the children – and in several ways: children from socioeconomically underprivileged backgrounds have to contend significantly more often with difficulties at school than their peer-group friends and are often socially isolated.
What this actually implies in everyday life

Why holidays are important for all children

[Teaser]Hiking with the family up to an alpine hut, laughing together, playing hide-and-seek, grilling sausag-es, swimming in a mountain lake, making a paper hat or observing animal tracks – all these special moments let the family grow together and the children feel how much their parents love them. Holidays create unforgettable memories.
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Glueckliche Kinder in den Ferien
Otherwise it would be far too expensive for us to go on holiday. Of course, I never say to the children that we’re poor.
Monika Roth*
single mother of three