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Donate instead of giving presents

Donate as a birthday present, for special occasions or at the time of a death

What could I ask for? What can I give a person who already has everything? These same questions keep coming back at birthdays, jubilees and other festivities. A meaningful gift, always appreciated, is a donation to the Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid: give a poor or disabled child holidays he/she will never forget.

What is the event donation suitable for?

At birthdays, weddings, Christmas, jubilee celebrations, company events – whenever you want to give someone a present or just yourself.

At the time of a death

As a sign of hope: instead of wreaths at a funeral, more and more people request a donation for a project that is close to their heart

How do I proceed if I would like to receive donations?

Inform your friends that instead of presents you would like a donation for the Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid and give them the account details below and the intended purpose, for example “Rebecca Muller’s birthday” or “Hans Meier’s funeral”. The intended purpose helps us to allocate the donations. After the celebration we send you a list of the generous donors.

How do I proceed if I want to give a donation as a gift?

Transfer the required amount and stipulate in the message area in whose name you are making the donation (“Rebecca Muller’s birthday” or “Sepp Huber’s jubilee”). Send them a card to inform them about the present and its implications. Here you will regularly find reports of the unforgettable holidays children and families have been able to enjoy thanks to donations.

Do you have questions about special event donations?

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