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Why should I support Holiday Aid?
People in poverty must forego many things in their daily life and they cannot even consider holidays. Especially the children need your and our support in order to get a break from their difficult situation and have a carefree holiday.
Where does my donation go?
With your donation you give families living in poverty holidays in a Reka holiday flat or a youth hostel in Switzerland. And you also help to finance holiday camps for children or young people with disabilities.
Why do I receive mail several times a year from Reka?
In our regular letters we report back to you about what your donation makes possible. However, kindly inform us if you wish to receive less by post and we will add you to our databank.
Are my donations to the Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid tax deductible?
Yes, you can claim tax deductions for your donations to the Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid at the federal level and with most of the cantons. At the start of each year all donators receive a donation certificate to send in with their income tax return.

Holiday assistance for families and single parents

How much does a week cost with Reka Holiday Aid? What is included in this price?
Reka enables 1,000 families every year to take a week’s holiday for CHF 200. Holidays are in a Reka Holiday Village, a Reka holiday flat or a youth hostel in Switzerland. Reka assumes the rental costs as well as the return journey by public transport. Half-board accommodation is included with a family room at youth hostels. You will find further information below as well as in the Reka Holiday Aid brochure.
Who can sign up?
To be able to register the following conditions must be satisfied:
  • You have at least one child under 16.
  • You are a Swiss citizen or possess a C permit (residence). You reside in Switzerland or in Lichtenstein.
  • Over the past year you have not had a hol-iday with Reka Holiday Aid.
  • The annual household income (incl. child benefit and alimony) for a two-parent family must be maximum CHF 60,000, or for a single parent family maximum CHF 50,000. From the second child the amount increases by CHF 5,000 per child.
  • Your assets will be verified. All income and financial assets must be documented.
Holiday assistance cannot be offered to people in training and families with an unverifiable income. On request, freelancers may take part. A legal claim to Reka services does not exist.
When can I register?
From October for the following year. Early registration is recommended. An application must be submitted at least three weeks before the requested holiday date.
Where can I go on holiday?
In Reka Holiday Villages and Reka holiday flats in Switzerland as well as family-friendly Swiss youth hostels.
Which documents must I submit?
Employed persons / recipients of a pension:
  • current tax return / tax assessment
  • current pay statement
  • proof of drawn or adjusted maintenance payments
social assistant:
  • current budget sheet or support confirmation from social services
Recipient of supplementary benefits:
  • calculation of supplementary benefits
Can all registrations be taken into consideration?
Every year a total of 1,000 holiday weeks are granted to families. Anyone who satisfies the criteria for taking part has a good chance of being awarded a holiday week at the solidarity price of CHF 200.
How long is the application checking process?
Up to three weeks. We contact you if we have any questions about your application.
I have signed up for holidays for CHF 200. When will I receive the train and bus tickets for the trip?
The return tickets for the journey will be sent to you one week before the holiday starts, as long as the CHF 200 have been paid.
We would like to travel by car. Will Holiday Aid cover the cost?
No, Holiday Aid does not cover costs for car transport. You also have to pay parking fees. However, Holiday Aid pays for the return journey by public transport.
Can we bring our dog?
You can only bring your dog if dogs are allowed in the holiday flat that has been booked. This is stipulated in the rental contract. You pay the costs incurred yourself.
What should we do if we cannot come on holiday?
Inform us as soon as possible by phone 031 329 66 80. If you have to cancel the holiday on the arrival day, please get in touch with the host on the spot in the holiday location.
What should we do if we can only arrive in the evening (after 5 pm)?
Please inform the host on the spot. You will then receive the necessary information.

Special weeks for single parents

Who can apply?

In addition to the general conditions for taking part, this is for single parents with children who are ready to join the programme for mothers/fathers.
In the description you say a week costs between CHF 200 and CHF 600. How is this fixed?
The minimum price of CHF 200 is for participants with a subsistence level income. Mothers and fathers with higher incomes pay an amount of up to CHF 600, according to their possibilities. We will gladly advise you.
What is included in the price?
The rent for the holiday home, including final clean-up, visitor’s tax, mother/father programme and childcare, two to three meals as announced. All other meals and drinks are not included.
Can I take part in a special week every year?
You can apply for Holiday Aid once every two years.
What can I do if I am free during the holidays but do not want to take part in a fixed programme?
Sign up for Holiday Aid, which provides holidays from CHF 200. With this offer you can organize your individual holiday programme.

Holiday camps residual funding

Is there support for holiday camps abroad?
No, the Reka Foundation for Holiday Aid supports exclusively holiday camps in Switzerland.
We are planning a holiday camp in a Reka Holiday Village. Can we submit an application?
For bookings in Reka Holiday Villages and Reka holiday homes you receive a discount on the rental price. You cannot make an additional application to the Foundation.

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